Creative Artists Agency

We are agency of content creator specializing in photo and video services. Branding is fundamental for any business as you need customer to realizew what makes your company different from others.

Brand mindfulness drives buyers’ choice with regards to picking between your product.

The best way to build brand awareness today is undoubtedly through a content creative video.

Brand awareness affects consumers’ perceptions and attitudes about your company and products, both of which lead to brand choice.

Video Marketing

Creating Content To Build Your Brand

Video Marketing is very important for any business. Video increased engagement online. That’s the important to have a video marketing agency who will develop a video marketing strategy for your business.

As seth Godin words “ The web was built on words. And words, of course, are available to anyone who could type. They’re cheap, easy to edit and incredibly powerful when used wel.

Today’s internet, though, is built in video. Much more difficult to create well, far more important when it works.”

The rise of video from different platform isnn’t just a result of text to visual, but it is a result of emotions that connect the brand to people. Emotional triggers are what made direct sales letters and advertisement of the past so challenging to create.

That emotion is what connects and encourage videos to be shared. Videos are informative, engaging, entertaining, and meaningful. It will connnect your brand to viewers thus building your trustworthiness and allows them to see your product in action. It buids trust which makes it ideal for branding.

With our Creative Video Marketing Agency its not only making a video but we have a customized process that makes us different from others. From creating a domain name to designing your websiteeverything is based on your customer needs.

We will be having a personal deep dive session where we will be crafting a perfect marketing strategy where we will incorporate our our services to your mission and vision.

1. Market Research

Understanding your ideal customer will help us learn the problem areas they have – which you can solve. 

2. Keyword Research

Using our own brand proven keywords research tool not only keywords but also tags that your competitor marketing ads online are doing. 

3. Ad syndication

Using our customized platform we will do surveys, analytics, and best SEO for video.

4. Video Creation

Now we have strategies our marketing plan thats the time we will create your video. 

I. Pre Production Stage

II. Storyboard Stage

III. Filming Stage

IV. Post Production Stage


Get in touch with us for a pre screening where we you have a chance to know us better if we are the right aency for your video marketing .